Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Chuck Norris Abducted by Aliens?

What’s that strange object in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No -- it’s an Alien spacecraft!
Clearly a Hoax - No Doubt About It

Has it ever struck you that there could be beings exploring the baffling galaxies above, in the hope to find another living species, just as we are?

Even religious individuals have the belief that some other form of life, other than that on Earth, exists.

Who knows. Maybe there is, but to think that they are shovelling space-corn down their throats while observing our everyday-lifestyles on earth? It’s a bizarre testimony, escalated by the type of individuals who complain about a missing pair of pants they left on an alien spacecraft, that ET promised to return after he got a fresh semen-sample.

How We All Miss Bush

Nevertheless, I highly doubt that millions of people take the time to provide a written report on the witnessing of a UFO in the skies above, never mind being inside one, knowing it’s all a great, big lie. 

Why, though, are these strange sightings deemed as a UFO encounter, exactly? Simply because an individual laid their jammy eyes toward a wondrous object in the sky of which they could not identify. 

It’s no wonder as to why most UFO-witness accounts are overlooked as an exaggeration of the truth. Most people give typical illustrations of what has been stated before, following the most popular early cases, such as the Betty and Barney Hill incident, which occurred way back during the days when my dad was a wild hippy and television was flooded with tacky marmalade commercials.

UFOs Clearly Exist - According to this Fine Painting

In the majority of circumstances, the witnessing of a UFO encounter is slammed with a giant, parched stamp that prints in big, bold letters to form the word, “Bullshit”, or, to be more politically correct, “Controversial”. They are then omitted as mistaken sightings of the likes of missing weather-balloons and swamp gas.

I have to be honest, though. There are moments when I’m prowling the streets during a late-night out, and I gaze onto the starry night sky and become captivated with optimism, wishing-upon-a-star to catch at least a slight glimpse of something completely astonishing to my big, blue eyes.

Can you blame me? I mean, the wonders of those strange, soaring objects, apparently capable of stalking us from hundreds of miles up in the heavens, has fascinated mankind since women didn’t know how to shave.

Very Complex Diagram of a UFO

Rambling aside, I’d like to know your view. So be a doll and tell me what you think is scavenging the heavens, give me your opinion on whether or not aliens exist, and even tell me what you think about Chuck Norris, if you fancy.